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Ages 6 to teenage

will develop both

physically and mentally

A community of good friends and caring instructors grace the mats of a school that teaches authentic Taekwon-Do while developing youth into confident, skilled, and morally sound individuals.

At Baltimore Taekwon-Do, we strike the perfect balance between fun and good training sessions. Students are allowed to laugh and enjoy themselves, while learning the value of hard work and perseverance, motivating the youth to develop intrinsic motivation instead of just extrinsic. 

Whether your child is shy and reserved or loud and full of energy, there is a place for them at Baltimore Taekwon-Do. 

We also have a community of passionate teenagers who developed good connections inside the do-jang (school) which has helped them grow into respectful and just young individuals ready to achieve their dreams.


Jessi, age 11, an excellent student in class

and a force to be reckoned with at tournaments

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Some of our Kids Club students, 

listening to what the next activity is

Starting TKD at age 11 changed

my life.

I had just moved to a new state and was lonely and frustrated. Taekwon-Do gave me a passion and shaped my entire personality. 14 years later, I don't know who I'd be without Taekwon-Do.


-Patricia DeArmas, 4th Degree Black Belt